Why should I hire John or any other professional voice talent for that matter? The short answer is voiceover is NOT about just having a good voice. It’s a learned craft and has much more to do with how you use that voice to bring the script “alive.”  Proper tone, inflection, pitch, interpretation, and knowing who will be hearing the voiceover are  some of the keys that enter into the mix of a professional voiceover.  Many accomplished voiceover talents also have acting ability. It’s a lot more than just reading words off a page.

TURN-AROUND TIME: Most recordings are available same day - often within hours. Long-form narrations (i.e.-corporate and e learning modules) can be completed and delivered usually within 24 hours, fully edited and ready to use.

RATES: Rates vary according to usage and length of the voiceover. For an accurate quote, please email your script (or indicate length of voiceover) and include as many specifics as possible… usage (radio, TV, non-broadcast, website/flash), market size,  etc. to receive an immediate quote. Rates are negotiable. Have a set budget for a given project? Don’t keep it a secret.

AUDITIONS: A great way for you to hear John voicing your copy. E-mail a few paragraphs of script for a customized audition. Auditions usually come to you same day as copy is received.

PRONUNCIATION GUIDES: Giving a clear, precise pronunciation on a client’s name or technical term is key. Retakes can hold up the process. So please be sure to include a pronunciation guide for any proper names or unusual words. The general rule of thumb is this: If the word (or name) can’t be found in the dictionary, it needs a pronunciation key. And keep in mind regional or local pronunciations that may differ nationally. An example is the word “route.” As you know, in some parts of the country it’s said “root,” in others “rowt” (as in “Ow, I hurt my finger!”). Using a “sounds-like” key (as just done) is also very helpful with pronunciation guides.

DELIVERY METHODS/FORMATS: Voiceovers are sent out as a high quality MP3, WAV or AIFF file in an e-mail containing a link to a hassle-free download.

PAYMENT TERMS:  A Pay Pal invoice will be emailed to you upon delivery of the voiceover. All major cards accepted with no add on studio fees. (Please note: You do not need to be a Pay Pal member to use this service.) Pay by check or wire transfer is also available under certain circumstances.

REVISIONS/PICKUPS: As is often the case with longer corporate video recordings and other narrations, a change of a sentence/paragraph or two AFTER the recording may be needed. These are included in the rate. If a script has been rewritten and an entire re-record is requested, a 50% pro rated fee will apply.

PHONE PATCH: Would you like to listen and direct? Phone patch is available. Also, giving pre-recording direction on the pace, tone, and style of the read desired often works well. Providing key direction whether via phone patch or otherwise helps immeasurably. Audio is delivered shortly after the session.


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